Shama’il al-Tirmidhi: Noble Features of the Prophet (Allah bless Him and grant Him peace) Part 2

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Chapter on the Noble Features of the Prophet (Allah bless Him and grant Him peace) Part 2
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Knowledge is a gift passed down by the ulama

Knowledge is a gift passed down by the ulama
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  • As-Salamu Alikum,

    I have a question, I am wondering out of curiosity, we are told that Yusus (A) had a great deal of beauty, so would he have been more beautiful then prophet Muhammad (S)?

  • ‘Allama Qurtubi [relates that Allah made only a small amount of the Prophet’s (sallalu ‘alayhi wasallam) beauty. Had he made all of it apparent, the eye would be unable to fathom it in its totality. On the other hand, all of Yusuf’s [alayhi Salams] beauty was made manifest. Hence, we have the hadiths of some of the sahaba of what they noticed of the beauty of Muhammad (sallalu ‘alayhi wasallam).

  • @Muslima:

    The opinion of some scholars is as follows:
    We know that Yusuf (alayhi salaam) was extremely beautiful in his physical appearance. However in a hadith narrated the Prophet has said: “Yusuf was given half of beauty, while it was made whole in me” (utiya Yusuf shatratul husun, wa uteeta husna kula)
    What the scholars have said about this is that indeed the Messenger of Allah had greater physical beauty than Yusuf, however Allah had veiled his beauty through the appearance of Majesty on his beautiful countenance (Allah’s blessings be upon him).
    As such, some scholars have asked, with regards to Yusuf, we know the story from the Qur’an that the woman cut their hands, whereas with the noble Messenger of Allah, the beauty was covered through his majesty. This is to say, that if you saw the Messenger of Allah from afar, you would notice his beauty, but upon closer examination, you would be in awe of it.

    I hope that answers the question.

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