Wives, Please Just Let Him Be

This is a short clip taken from a course delivered on the topic of 'Marriage' in East London in 2013.

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Many Thanks from Cape Town

Many Thanks from Cape Town
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  • With all due respect to Mufti sahab, I think this video only takes into account how the husband feels after a long day. Nowadays many wives also work and feel the same way, but they still come home and do the housework, cook, etc. I am sure they too would like some ‘me’ time but other responsibilities come first. Some women also don’t feel like talking and just want to be left alone, but are then told to stop being moody.

    And even if she is a housewife, her wanting to talk could be a sign of her happiness that he is home. Does a husband want a wife that ignores him? She welcomes the adult company, especially after looking after young children all day, which is mentally and physically draining in itself. It shouldn’t be a chore to chat to your wife. Shouldn’t he also be pleased to return home and spend time with her?

    Or perhaps it is now time for the husband to take over and spend some time with the children, while she takes some time off. The wife’s feelings should also be considered.

    I do not disagree that men need some quiet time, but it works both ways and each should be sensitive towards the other’s feelings. I’m afraid some men may take this clip out of context and assume that their me time is an automatic right over their principal duties as husbands and fathers. Sometimes we cannot relax right when we want to.

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