Spiritual Upbringing of Children: Getting it Right

In this talk Mufti Abdur-Rahman covers the topic of bringing up kids in a good Islamic environment. Covers topics such as from finding a partner, pregnancy, during the birth and more. A must watch for all parents and future parents.

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  • Asalamu Alaykum,

    Insha’Allah this email finds you in the best state of Iman Ameen.

    I listened to the lecture by mufti saab called “Spiritual Upbringing of Children: Getting it Right” and in the lecture Mufti saab spoke about a few dua from Quran and Hadith that A mother should recite after the baby is born.

    in the lecture the duas are mentioned around 31:53- 34:

    I was wondering if there is anyway I can get those duas so that I may write them down.

    JazakAllahu Khayr


  • Jazaakallahu Khairan Sheikh. May Allah bless you with pious children. My wife is 7 month pregnant. It was very useful advice -MaashaaAllah. Please remember us in your dua

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