Imam Sha’rani’s Adab al-Suhba Part 14: No Support in Reprehensible Innovations

Imam Sha'rani's Adab al-Suhba Part 14: No Support in Reprehensible Innovations
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  • Respected Mufti Sahab;
    I am in a state of confusion ever since I have started taking an account of all those extra religious rituals I offer in the form of zikr with particular numbers at particular day and time,sura with particular purpose including Manzil, are all these acts come under “innovation” category? In my very very little knowledge, I concluded that one should only stick to five times prayers, fasts and rest of pillars of Islam because as a layman I am not able to find a Sahee hadith for every act of ibadet I offer with zeal and zest. I am heartbroken when heard from a renowned shaikh sahab that considering friday eve as acceptance of supplication is also an innovation alonwith prayers on 15 Sha’ban when decision of life, death and rizq will be made is also not authentic.Should I stop doing these practices and convince my family members too to do so? HELP ME! Jazak Allah.

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