Don’t be Depressed: You do not Know Your Future

Fate, predestination, and divine decree: This lectures deals very clearly with the difficult topic of qadr and attempts at explaining the wisdom behind decrees. The speaker eloquently provides great inspiration for the depressed and despondent.

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  • alhamdulillah!!! i am so depressed …. to the point where at times i feel like i have no future ….burdened with the sins of past ,haunting me …this lecture eases the pain in my heart …and i thank Allah for putting me through this coz i had almost forgotten him…. remembered him only superficially ….this pain and suffering brings me closer to allah and make me ask for genuine forgiveness …at this moment i feel like its the lowest point in my life …jobless(i was this close to getting it), suffering from depression on a daily basis , unsure and afraid of the future at times i feel there is no purpose of this life , but daily remembrance of Allah is giving me the strength to hang on .This lecture comes as a blessing. .Makes a lot of things clear , eases the burden of sin , helps me set myself free from the past …thanks you so much …. may allah bless you.

  • at 21 mins is what i needed right now. I am so upset but after watching this i feel so much better and i’m going to pray.

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