The Etiquette for Allah’s Remembrance (Dhikr)


There are 26 points mentioned by Imam Sha’rani in his book Adab al-Suhba to observe when making dhikr of Allah.


  1. Make sincere repentance
  2. Make a ghusl (bath) or Wudu
  3. Apply fragrance to your clothing and mouth
  4. Purify your intention (that it be solely to fulfil Allah’s command)
  5. Carry with you the reverence of Allah

During dhikr

  1. Sit in a clean place in the tashahhud position as in salat
  2. Place your palms on your thighs
  3. Face the qibla if alone, or form a circle when in a group
  4. Apply fragrance to the gathering place
  5. Maintain sincerity throughout
  6. Maintain truthfulness throughout
  7. Keep your food and clothing lawful
  8. Darken the gathering place
  9. Keep your eyes closed
  10. Maintain focus on the meaning of the remembrance
  11. Do not include anyone other then Allah in remembrance
  12. Banish all others from the heart besides Allah
  13. Do the remembrance audibly [or silently if that is prescribed]
  14. Do it with full energy
  15. Imagine your Shaykh in front of you
  16. Avoid mistakes in your pronunciation

Post dhikr

  1. Censure yourself for a few moments on your inabilities
  2. Avoid drinking anything for a few moments
  3. Remain silent for a while
  4. Anticipate the benefits of dhikr to be absorbed
  5. Thank Allah for enabling your remembrance and seek forgiveness for any shortcomings

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  • assalam oa alaikum, thanks a lot for enlightening me with a very beneficial aspects of dhikr. Kindly guide if there are any recommended way to perform nawafil or merely intention is enough?

    Sir, is there is a possibility to have a gist that our prayers(fardh and nawafil) are being accepted and my tauba will be accepted by Allah SWT? At times i become frustrated realizing weight of my sins.

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