Causes of Deviance, Sectarianism and Unorthodoxy

A much needed talk, pertinent not just to the ordinary Muslim but to group elders too. The first part is almost like a diagnosis for deviant sects; which shows how their adopted theme of revival becomes the prism within which the entire deen is viewed and shaped and how the natural balance within deen is lost. The verse وأقيم الوزن (And establish weight in justice) comes to mind. The second section addresses the trend of following spurious opinions for the sake of ease. The old adage "Whoever seeks out aberrant concessions of the scholars falls into transgression" springs to mind. This is also a very pertinent and timely theme, as the ship of the ummah is currently sailing through some very turbulent waters. Deen is almost being redefined or reshaped under the pretext of maqasid, ease, and fiqh of minorities. All this can be rather confusing for the masses as the ulema and other self proclaimed leaders battle for hearts and minds. The speaker has managed to squeeze in and summarise a lot by way of commentary in this short talk, and provided many proofs from history. It it pitched at a good level, where the normal believer can follow but the educated and ulema can also appreciate the depth of what is being discussed.

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