The Two Eids

The following talk was delivered at the Ministry of Justice in London in front of a mix crowd of people from all faiths and none. In the talk the speaker explains the spiritual connection of the two Eids that is celebrated by Muslims across the world.

Islamic Medicine

The following class was delivered to a gathering of Muslim Doctors in Nottingham and surrounding areas. Participants from across the world also attended online. Shaykh Abdur-Rahman covers some classical text on the medicine of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

Introduction to Whitethread Institute

Whitethread Institute has recently been founded with the primary intention of catering for Muslim scholars, the ‘alims and ‘alimas who are the religious leaders of our community. Our estimate is that we have at least 500 ‘alims and ‘alimas just around the London area. There are many more who graduate each year from seminaries around the United Kingdom and abroad.