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We currently have a number of on-line courses for you,  list provided below:

1)  Al-Arba’in of Muhammad ibn Jaffar al-Kattani
2)  Essential fiqh of Ramadan Seminar 
3)  Spirituality in Islam – Tasuwwuf, Sufism and Tazkiyyah
4)     Prayers for forgiveness
5)     Love, Marriage and Fairytales
6)     Imam Ghazali’s Breaking of the Two Desires (Gluttony & Lust)
7)     Pray As You Have Seen Me Pray
8)     The Virtues and Etiquette of Traveling
9)     Ghazali's Beginning of Guidance (Bidayat al-Hidaya)
10)   The Definitive Guide to a Successful Hajj 
11) Names of Allah
12)   33 Benefits of Allah's Remembrance from Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya
13)   A Series on Dream Interpretation 
14) The Explicit Journey of Man from Pre-World to Afterlife


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All courses are pre-recorded.

If you have any questions or seek clarifications during the course could you please note them down and if by the end of the course the question has not been answered please send them via