The Prophet of Mercy: To be Followed, not just Admired


A talk by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf on the Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Mercy, highlighting the features that make him the Mercy to the Worlds and emphasising the importance of emulating him and not just revelling at his greatness (Allah bless him and give him peace).

Patience as you have never known it


This clip was taken from the ‘Names of Allah’ course which was delivered at Leeds University. Full course will be uploaded on to in the near future insh’Allah.

Putting Money in a Man’s Shoe


This lecture was delivered at a sisters programme in September 2013. Mufti Abdur Rahman spoke about the importance of helping others and the great joys that one will experience from doing so.

Ties in Kinship: Get Increase in Your Sustenance and Your Life


The sincere and well meant intention of maintaining ties for the sake of kinship and knowing you will make your relative happy despite the financial cost or time involved will make your efforts of attending a function worthwhile, which Allah makes worth your while in this world and in the hereafter.

Du’a and Taqwa Miracle


Mufti Abdur Rahman relates a story of a man who had a hefty mortgage on his home and wanted to get out of interest based repayments but did’t earn enough. He prayed to Allah in the month of Ramadan to relieve him of his debt with astounding results.

The extreme power of Allah (swt) is highlighted and we are reminded of Allah’s ongoing help throughout our existence to powerful effect. Mufti Abdur Rahman provides an explanation of the divine saying “I am as My servant thinks of me” to provide profound insight and understanding of how we can gain Allah’s maximum help.

Now Focus on our Character!


Mufti Abdur Rahman discusses the importance of focusing on building ones character which will help him/her to live amongst society and become a better person.