Contemporary Issues

Developing Immunity in a Hyper-Sexualised Society


A much needed discussion of one of the main challenges that young Muslims, both male and females, face in today’s society:

How to remain steadfast on the Deen and keep ones natural desires in balance. The challenge living in this society being such that its prevalent message is to stimulate and empower the sexual desires, a society in which sexual activity and promiscuity are seen as the norm. No doubt these things have only led to an increase of moral and social disruption and corruption.

The speaker discusses all these challenges and gives a holistic view as to help understand where these desires come from and gives practical pointers (both spiritual, psychologically and social) for the concerned individual to help tackle this issue, to keep first and foremost their faith secure as well maintain a healthy, pure, productive lifestyle.

Deceptive Dealings


Deceptive dealings and the consequence of such acts in Islam is covered in this talk by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera

Modern Day Challenges


We find ourselves facing many challenges that previous generations didn’t face. In this talk the speaker discusses some of the common challenges and how to overcome them and stay steadfast in ones actions and ideology.

Resisting Extremism


In this lecture the speaker addresses the topic of resisting extremism in the current climate and the additional importance for Muslims to understand how to conduct themselves, particularly when living in a non-Muslim country.
The speech highlights the current global situation and recognises how Muslim appearing individuals are treated and perceived, as well as the difficulties and challenges faced by Muslims in this era of extreme doubt and tribulation.

The Agenda


A very interesting perspective on how ‘soft’ fitnas are slowly induced into our lives

Mid-life Crisis


In this short clip Mufti Abdur-Rahman speaks on the period of ones life where they find themselves lost and seeking a purpose in life. This period is known as Midlife Crisis.