What is Sufism? A Formal Explanation Part 1


No doubt there is much doubt and confusion surrounding the practice of sufism (tasawwuf). Some of this confusion stems from a number of foreign ideas and practises that have crept into sufism such as “spiritual mentors” or “pirs” abusing their positions and the introduction of certain popular non-religious practises as crowd attractors.
Reading from the work of the great Egyptian Maliki scholar of the 18th century, Imam Dardir, a master in the sciences of Aqida, Mufti Abdur Rahman very simply and convincingly explains what sufism is supposed to be, and provides detailed guidelines for traversing the spiritual path to Allah Most High.

Wash All Your Sins Away this Ramadan


As reported in numerous hadiths, the speaker mentions the two conditions needed for one to spiritually connect to the fast and the night prayer in such a way that they are written amongst those whose past sins are forgiven.

Surah Fatiha (The Mother of the Qur’an) Explained


Modern society’s obsession with artificial objectives have meant that we have lost in touch with the reality of nature. The Shaykh mentions that is why, the verses in the Quraan when الله describes how He has spread, shaped and expanded the earth, bursting forth from it oceans and springs providing for animals and vegetation, how all these verses have no effect on the hearts.

He goes on to mentions two core abilities of man: the first, how man has the ability to conjure up thoughts and ideas and secondly, what he does to bring those thoughts into practise. In regards to the seeker and their path to success and fortune it is for them to reflect on the Being who created them, reflecting upon the names and attributes of الله. This reflection will lead them to pursue that path which will take them to Him and it is only with this insight of الله will the seeker know whether he/she is fulfilling His rights, thus the second ability is fulfilled.

The Shaykh then goes through verses of Surah Faatiha, the surah in which lay the perfect system in assisting the seeker in completing both the abilities and unravelling to them the foundation and most significant of the names of الله.

Dealing with Infertility


Infertility is a medical condition that can touch every aspect of your life — from the way you feel about yourself, to your relationship with your partner, to your overall perspective on living. It can also be particularly stressful in that it creates a great deal of uncertainty and emotional upheaval in a couple’s day-to-day world. If you’ve been struggling with infertility, you’re probably no stranger to stress. The following talk covers the topic of dealing with infertility.

Developing Immunity in a Hyper-Sexualised Society


A much needed discussion of one of the main challenges that young Muslims, both male and females, face in today’s society:

How to remain steadfast on the Deen and keep ones natural desires in balance. The challenge living in this society being such that its prevalent message is to stimulate and empower the sexual desires, a society in which sexual activity and promiscuity are seen as the norm. No doubt these things have only led to an increase of moral and social disruption and corruption.

The speaker discusses all these challenges and gives a holistic view as to help understand where these desires come from and gives practical pointers (both spiritual, psychologically and social) for the concerned individual to help tackle this issue, to keep first and foremost their faith secure as well maintain a healthy, pure, productive lifestyle.

Introduction to Whitethread Institute


Whitethread Institute has recently been founded with the primary intention of catering for Muslim scholars, the ‘alims and ‘alimas who are the religious leaders of our community. Our estimate is that we have at least 500 ‘alims and ‘alimas just around the London area. There are many more who graduate each year from seminaries around the United Kingdom and abroad.