General Video Lectures

Lectures given at major events from various countries

Sacrificing Hajj for Your Patient: An Amazing Story


How do we remain fully submitted to Allah to what He has planned, despite things not materialising our way?

In this talk, Mufti Abdur-Rahman discusses the importance of Tawakkul (reliance) in Allah and in His grand plan. He perfectly illustrates this with a story of an individual whose one act of kindness at a time of conflicting emotions set in motion a chain of events which only bought goodness after goodness.

Modern Day Challenges


We find ourselves facing many challenges that previous generations didn’t face. In this talk the speaker discusses some of the common challenges and how to overcome them and stay steadfast in ones actions and ideology.

Hajj: A Journey of Love – A must listen before you go


One fifth of the inhabitants on earth share a single aspiration: to complete, at least once in a lifetime, the spiritual journey of love called the Hajj.

The hajj (pilgrimage), brings together Muslims of all races and tongues from the four corners of the earth for one of life’s most moving spiritual experiences.

Causes of Deviance, Sectarianism and Unorthodoxy


A much needed talk, pertinent not just to the ordinary Muslim but to group elders too. The first part is almost like a diagnosis for deviant sects; which shows how their adopted theme of revival becomes the prism within which the entire deen is viewed and shaped and how the natural balance within deen is lost. The verse وأقيم الوزن (And establish weight in justice) comes to mind.

The second section addresses the trend of following spurious opinions for the sake of ease. The old adage “Whoever seeks out aberrant concessions of the scholars falls into transgression” springs to mind. This is also a very pertinent and timely theme, as the ship of the ummah is currently sailing through some very turbulent waters. Deen is almost being redefined or reshaped under the pretext of maqasid, ease, and fiqh of minorities. All this can be rather confusing for the masses as the ulema and other self proclaimed leaders battle for hearts and minds.

The speaker has managed to squeeze in and summarise a lot by way of commentary in this short talk, and provided many proofs from history. It it pitched at a good level, where the normal believer can follow but the educated and ulema can also appreciate the depth of what is being discussed.

Maintaining Iman After Ramadan


Do you find yourself going back to your normal state of Iman as it was before Ramadan? In this short talk the speaker discusses the issues of many going back to old habits and not benefiting from the worship done during Ramadan.

Dealing with Islamophobia


With islamophobia on the rise, the speaker articulates the trials and common attacks Muslims encounter and how to deal with such situations.

The shaykh highlights common phrases against Muslims echoed in the media and how to respond, allowing one to link Islam to success rather than all the negativity it is being associated with.

Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Brown, whose talk acted as an inspiration for this talk.

High Aspiration and Motivation in Seeking Knowledge


In this talk the speaker discusses the importance of having high aspirations in life and working towards our goals. He mentions how we shouldn’t lower our personal expectations, should always try to be motivated in seeking knowledge, and recommends making it a habit or a hobby as such.

The Prophet of Mercy: To be Followed, not just Admired


A talk by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf on the Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Mercy, highlighting the features that make him the Mercy to the Worlds and emphasising the importance of emulating him and not just revelling at his greatness (Allah bless him and give him peace).

Why Muslims Love Sham and Masjid al-Aqsa


The importance and significance in Islamic tradition of these sanctified and holy places is discussed here. The speaker relates the hadiths on Masjid al-Aqsa, Jerusalem, Damascus and Sham highlighting the basis for their importance from a textual and historical perspectives.

Resisting Extremism


In this lecture the speaker addresses the topic of resisting extremism in the current climate and the additional importance for Muslims to understand how to conduct themselves, particularly when living in a non-Muslim country.
The speech highlights the current global situation and recognises how Muslim appearing individuals are treated and perceived, as well as the difficulties and challenges faced by Muslims in this era of extreme doubt and tribulation.