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Dealing with Islamophobia
April 23, 2016 | No Comment

With islamophobia on the rise, the speaker articulates the trials and common attacks Muslims encounter and how to deal with such situations.

The shaykh highlights common phrases against Muslims echoed in the media and how to respond, allowing one to link Islam to success rather than all the negativity it is being associated with.

Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Brown, whose talk acted as an inspiration for this talk.

High Aspiration and Motivation in Seeking Knowledge
April 14, 2016 | No Comment

In this talk the speaker discusses the importance of having high aspirations in life and working towards our goals. He mentions how we shouldn’t lower our personal expectations, should always try to be motivated in seeking knowledge, and recommends making it a habit or a hobby as such.

Lessons from the Prophet’s Migration (Hijra)
January 22, 2016 | No Comment

n this lecture Mufti Abdur-Rahman takes key points from the migration of the Prophet’s (may peace and blessings be upon them) and derives lessons from them which is useful in the 21st century.

The Prophet of Mercy: To be Followed, not just Admired
January 18, 2016 | No Comment

A talk by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf on the Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Mercy, highlighting the features that make him the Mercy to the Worlds and emphasising the importance of emulating him and not just revelling at his greatness (Allah bless him and give him peace).

Why Muslims Love Sham and Masjid al-Aqsa
January 15, 2016 | No Comment

The importance and significance in Islamic tradition of these sanctified and holy places is discussed here. The speaker relates the hadiths on Masjid al-Aqsa, Jerusalem, Damascus and Sham highlighting the basis for their importance from a textual and historical perspectives.

Resisting Extremism
January 12, 2016 | No Comment

In this lecture the speaker addresses the topic of resisting extremism in the current climate and the additional importance for Muslims to understand how to conduct themselves, particularly when living in a non-Muslim country.
The speech highlights the current global situation and recognises how Muslim appearing individuals are treated and perceived, as well as the difficulties and challenges faced by Muslims in this era of extreme doubt and tribulation.

The Power of Charity
December 23, 2015 | No Comment

Title: The Power of Charity
Hadith:”Make haste in giving voluntary charity, for calamities cannot pass by it” (Ṭabarānī, Razīn).
In this talk Mufti Abdur-Rahman discusses the power and blessings one receives from giving in charity.

Short Discussion on Unity
November 26, 2015 | No Comment

This lecture was delivered at the SoAS annual charity dinner in October 2015.

The Agenda
October 12, 2015 | No Comment

A very interesting perspective on how ‘soft’ fitnas are slowly induced into our lives

Sri Lanka Tour 2015 | Ability vs. Acceptance
October 1, 2015 | No Comment

Sri Lanka Tour 2015 | Ability vs. Acceptance

The Prophet Muhammad’s Ascension and Meeting with Allah (Isra’ and Mi’raj)
May 24, 2015 | No Comment

In this talk Mufti Abdur-Rahman speaks on the miraculous story of the Prophet (upon Him be peace) ascension to the heavens. This talk was organised by Friends of al-Aqsa

The Fifth Madhhab
May 6, 2015 | No Comment

Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf discusses the propaganda of this age of abandoning the four schools of thought and opting for a modern methodology of following the Qur’an and sunnah directly. He explains how the pseudo-salafi movement is in reality a reattempt at devising a new school of thought which though may seem appealing in theory, lacks any validity in practicality, especially when put into contrast with the unanimous validity of the existing four schools. A thorough discussion, broken down into a very easily understandable explanation on how fallacious the re-inventing of the wheel in Islamic scholarship is, enumerating just how nobody truly goes back to the Qur’an and sunnah as ultimate sources but rather creating a “fifth madhab” which has no real basis; especially as it contradicts the very principles that it is based upon. A must watch for any Muslim who is sincere about finding the truth in these testing times.

Faith is Believing in the Unseen
March 24, 2015 | No Comment

Title: Faith is Believing in the Unseen

Protect Your Wealth through Zakat
March 9, 2015 | No Comment

Protect Your Wealth through Zakat

How to Become a Successful Student
November 27, 2014 | No Comment

Title “How to Become a Successful Student” Achieving Balance in a Fast Changing World

A Muslim’s Approach in Times of Fitna (ISIS)
October 2, 2014 | No Comment

Title: A Muslim’s Approach in Times of Fitna (ISIS)