The Explicit Journey of Man from Pre-World to Afterlife

This series will cover the soul and its journey. From its creation to its phases through this life and the then its life after death including life in the grave, doomsday, hell and paradise. Based on the Lives of Man by Shaykh Abdullah al-‘Alawi al-Haddad

The First Life: Life Before This World in the Realm of Spirits

The Second Life: The Dunya, this world divided into the embryonic stage, childhood, youth, maturity, seniority, decrepitude, sickness and finally death.

The Third Life: The Intermediate Realm (barzakh), including the torment of the grave, how the living may help the dead, and visiting graves.

The Fourth Life: Judgement Day, the Balance, the Bridge, the Pool (hawd), and the intercession.

The fifth Life: The Fire and the Garden (Paradise and Hellfire) and the beatific vision God’s overwhelming mercy.

Question and Answers from the Explicit Journey of Man from Pre-World to Afterlife series.