Spirituality in Islam – Tasuwwuf, Sufism and Tazkiyyah

The idea of spirituality in Islam has become one of the most debated, discussed issues in recent times. Covered with discussions without Scholarly guidance, the discourse has seen different conclusions develop and integrate within circles and people. The course will address many aspects of Tasuwwuf, Sufism and Tazkiyyah some of which include:

– What is Tasawwuf, Sufism and Tazkiyyah?

– Classical Sufism vs Modern Sufism: Trends and Transformation

– Guidance under a Spiritual Guide/Mentor.

– What is a Tareeqa (Spiritual Path) and is adopting one necessary?

– Development of different Tareeqahs such as the Shadhili’s, Qadiri’s, Chisti’s, Naqshbandi’s and others

– Methods of various forms of Zikr (i.e. classical and modern, individual and group, silent and loud)

– Famous scholars and sufi’s of the past who trended the path of spirituality

– Tasawwuf, Sufism and Tazkiyyah in the light of the quran, sunnah, the lives of sahabah and their companions

This class was covered over two days of which the second day will be uploaded soon inshAllah.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Final part


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  1. In 2012. Mufti Abdur Rahman did a 2 day course on spirituality and tasawuf

    I’m trying to find that course but can’t find it anywhere on youtube or on zamzamacademy.

    Please can you provide me a link for the course .
    If you have removed it, can you provide me the the audio lectures for my own individual use – I found the lectures so beneficial.