The Sign of a Guided Heart

In this talk, Mufti Abdur-Rahman describes the correlation between performing good deeds and how it increases one in guidance. He highlights how one should race and strive to perform good deeds as الله loves piety, virtue and righteous actions. For the one who carries out a good deed, it is only that الله has responded by enshrouding them in happiness, success and prosperity. Shaykh mentions that only after one begins to grow in taqwa (god-consciousness) will he/she find their heart more receptive to the words of the Holy Qur'an, almost as if it is directly addressing them. He goes on to mention two praiseworthy traits which lie at the basis of ones faith that if one strives to acquire these traits, الله will grant them understanding of the pearls of wisdoms from the Qur'an whereby allowing the person to distinguish between those things which are the means of their assistance and those things which are the means of their downfall.

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